np.array([Finance, Python, Streamlit, Cloud Platform]) ==

The journey of building a financial web app…

Analyzing the path of EURUSD derived from the market vol surface by using the Heston Model

Endgame for “AI Winter”

How a competition, ImageNet, along with a noisy algorithm, Stochastic Gradient Descent, changed the fate of AI?

Picture from The Elders Scroll | Skyrim

Karger’s algorithm back in town (with Python code)

Divide and conquer! A widely used strategy for years in history. But how to divide? Generally, most intuitive way is to look for segments with lowest levels of affinity or links within systems, networks, and even for populations! So, let’s start!

Eyup Gulsun

Quant Asset Allocation & Strategy manager in Asset Management, former Goldman Sachs & Merrill Lynch Trader - UC Berkeley & Bogazici Univ Alum

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